Gallup Poll-2010

Gallup reported today that Americans are still weary of their Financial situations and "41% who describe their personal financial situations as excellent or good is the lowest Gallup has measured in the past decade." However, the same poll aslo demonstrates that peoples optimism is improving from last year as signs of a recovery, however slow it may be, are influencing the way people respond to the economy.

"The April 6-9 poll also asked Americans whether their financial situations are getting better or getting worse. Roughly the same percentage now believes their finances are improving (39%) as declining (40%). That is a slightly more positive assessment than Gallup has found in the past two years, when Americans were more pessimistic than optimistic."

The reality is that the more people begin to sink back into steady economic growth they will inevitably become more optimistic. The only sign that the recession will end is as we experience more of the organic growth in the marketplace that we are beginning to see early signs of now.

Americans Remain Down About Their Financial Situations

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